We are a team with backgrounds and experience in mathematical fields and computation. Our focus is on solving real-world problems using optimization and analytic approaches not often encountered outside scientific circles.

The methodology we use is to tackle each challenge from first principles, so as to develop a unique solution for your organization. We avoid conforming to pre-made solutions, making sure that what we deliver is adequate to meet your precise needs.

We are based in Porto, Portugal and also available for international collaboration, primarily when done so remotely.

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We focus on providing solutions using a quantitative approach for problems across different industries, such as finance, energy, logistics and manufacturing. The nature of our business is primarily to collaborate on different projects as consultants, contributing with our creativity and skills in quantitative analysis. Our strengths manifest themselves in challenges that require optimization, predictive modeling, risk analytics or automation procedures.

Our deliverables are the following:

  • Scientific reports where we describe your problem in a mathematical framework, providing an in-depth analysis and solution, by making use of techniques such as stochastic modeling and simulation, numerical optimization, artificial intelligence algorithms, machine learning techniques, among others;
  • Software design specifications and prototyping, in order to prepare the development of software, we build the bridge between the functional needs and what needs to be programmed, using logical and mathematical rigor to design the most adequate set of algorithms.

We are most comfortable working under unknown and unexpected scenarios. If your exotic problem seems unapproachable to everyone else, we encourage you to share it with us.